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On-site Drying
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
SMS / TXT: 0417 779 737

Eastern Suburbs:0417 779 737
Western Suburbs:0417 779 737


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On-Site Drying, established in 1990 and servicing Brisbanes Bayside Suburbs for more than 2 decades.

We specialise in Commercial and Residential water damage restoration and onsite drying.

In most cases we can directly bill you insurance company directly, so you suffer little or no additional financial loss.

Aviod further biologigal hazards, let us manage the process for you. Swift action on your part will limit the cumlative damage that can result in these cases.

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We proudly boast that 80% of our turnover comes from repeat customers and referrals. Such is our reputation, we are frequently called on by property managers to report on, and rectify, works performed by other operators using less efficient cleaning equipment, methods or products. So in case you do have questions just go ahead and complete the form below to let us know.

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